Nancy Nigro, MSW, RSW, RCC
Victoria Counsellor and Psychotherapist



I believe in the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human being. Individual and couples counselling provides an opportunity to create growth and learning and develop a more conscious relationship with self and other.

We have all learned to find ways of organizing our experience based on survival and self preservation. As a therapist, I do not see pain as pathology but more the absence of adequate understanding, attunement and responsiveness from the environment.

I refuse to place the pathology within you, but will address the context in which these issues and concerns have developed.

As a relational therapist, the therapeutic relationship between you and me and/or your partner is the basis for healing. I am dealing with you as a person behind the symptoms. In couples counselling, I am helping you understand the dynamics that you have both created in your relationship.

My relational model works with both the intrapsychic and the intersubjective perspective. The intrapsychic addresses your sense of self. In other words, how you feel about yourself in the depths of your being. The intersubjective means that there is always an influence and impact between client and therapist—both on a conscious and unconscious level.

We work together to understand the patterns that emerge in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual trust.

I do not see myself as an authority on the truth but more a skilled clinician who has a lot of training and experience. Through my sustained empathic inquiry into your world of experience, we will begin to unravel the issues you are struggling with.

I have strong respect for confidentiality, clear boundaries and a commitment to the therapeutic process.

I am disciplined and rigorous in my work with you. I have been involved in supervision as well as supervising other colleagues. I have had many years of personal analysis. I respect the depth and complexity of human experience. I am committed to a lifetime of learning to be the best that I can be as a clinician.

It is a big step to call a therapist. I see it as a healthy decision as I believe we are all striving for growth.